Where To Find Stuff To Tune Your Vespa

It is difficult to pinpoint where you can the right equipment to tune a Vespa, because the tools required would mostly vary as per the year and make or model of the scooter. Nevertheless, there are a few general tips and suggestions for tuning a Vespa.

The first thing to do is to change your spark plug and oil, check your lights, tires, and two-strokes- that is, whether the two-stroke oil sight glass reveals whether the two-stroke is full.

all color vespa
Tuning a Vespa involves working on the exhaust system, engine cylinder, and carburetor settings. For this, the following tools will be needed:


  • Cable snippers
  • Pliers
  • New oil seals
  • New gaskets
  • Performance exhaust
  • Performance cylinder
  • Rubber mallet
  • Carburetor jets
  • New bearings
  • Socket wrench and sockets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Crescent wrenches
  • Grinding tool

It is advisable to go through the entire process of engine, carburetor, and exhaust tuning only if you are familiar with using the tools listed above and dismantling parts of your Vespa. Tuning calls for a great degree of expertise, and if you don’t have that, you can turn to Vespa tuning kits that cater to both small frame and large frame scooters and also allow for installations of parts.
There are a number of directories and other resources online that can point you to reliable tuning kit vendors. Some well-known tuning sites that deal in two-stroke motors and Vespas are:

  • MacDizzy.com: This is more of a do-it-yourself (DIY) resource and is a good reference if you will do the tuning for your Vespa on your own.
  • Malossi – Malossi specializes in making kits for various Vespa models.
  • Taffspeed UK – This is a well-known and reliable dealer of Vespa tuning kits.
  • MB Developments – Although MB Developments caters mostly to Lambretta, it has some good Vespa tuning pages too.
  • Polini – Polini makes kits for numerous Vespa models. Just use the ‘Piaggio’ search term to zero in on the kit of your choice.
  • SIP Scooter Shop – SIP Scooter Shop has some exclusive and special tuning parts for Vespas.
  • Worb5 Germany-based Worb5 has some truly out of the box engines and tuning kits that will make your Vespa stand out from the crowd.


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